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Adobe Flash Player v.11.3 Final

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Скачать Adobe Flash Player v.11.3 можно по этому адресу (Freeware, Windows All/Mac OS X/Linux/Solaris).

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  1. А что в ЧенджЛоге? Стоит ли обновляться ?

  2. Изменения в версии 11.3.300.257:
    Исправленные ошибки
    • [Stage3D] On Desktop, Starling content renders in wrong location(3153467)
    • iOS Rendering freezes on some applications when using GPU render mode (3124838)
    • Anti-aliasing quality settings are now respected in renderMode=gpu (3124862)
    • [Stage3D] On Mac with Intel HD 3000, scissor rectangle is not correctly set (2959500)
    • Using MouseLock on Chrome browser on Windows® 7, movementX/Y returns absolute values instead of relative values (3152175)
    • Audio Latency issue when multiple instances of Flash Player are opened in a browser (3084306)
    • Green screen issue with video playback(3050372)
    Известные проблемы:
    Flash Player Desktop
    • Mac OS: The mouse cursor does not change to hand pointer when mousing over TLF links(3060839)
    • Mac OS: Adobe AIR crashes on late model Apple computers running 10.7.2 (check workaround here)
    • MouseLock and FullscreenSourceRect does not update the display when in fullscreen(3006724)
    • Nvidia hardware drivers: To take advantage of hardware decode, Nvidia users need to update their drivers to 285.79 or higher or Flash Player will use software decode(3160326)
    • Seeking while video is paused does not update the frame on AndroidTM 4.0 devices(2995654)
    • On Adobe AIR, StageVideo using On2 and Sorenson does not work on Android 4.0 devices (3053819)
    • Context3d will render black for a few frames after disposing of a context3D object and requesting a new one, or returning to an application that was in the background. (3019048)

    Плюс объединили версии для х86 и х64 в одну. С выходом 11.3 остался один инсталлятор вместо двух.

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